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Dancers Training Program

Expand your dance skills and liberate your movement.

Holistic training for dancers and movement practitioners.
A new paradigm in movement

HUMANHOOD‘s movement practice called Weflow is a revolutionary new approach to dance and movement that takes us from rigid “inside the box” movements, to complete freedom and self-expression within our bodies.

At HUMANHOOD, Dance is not only experienced as a high quality artistic craft, but also as a way to spiritually fulfil oneself in this planet.

You can now train with us and discover how to receive movement. No thinking or preparation. Just listen, receive, and embody who you truly are as a unique creative soul to move from the inside > out.

"A whole new experience of movement"

- Sangeetha Nagaratnam, India

"I reconnected with my purpose as a dancer"

- Maria Lentisco, Spain

"I’ve dived into the state of flow and observed its impact in my life"

Illan Rivière, France

We’re used to being “told” how to move... What if we could listen and receive instead?

The old way is rigidity… Here are the steps, here are the flows, here are the techniques. Now you need to fit your body into this structure, if you can’t, you’re not cut out for this, you’re not good enough.

The new way is flow… Reclaiming the trust in your body & receiving the movements. Dancers are not technicians, they are artists. Free to express themselves and their unique soul, their unique personality, through the medium of dance.

A story from Julia… I was asked once in a workshop, “Where does this movement start from, the shoulder, the elbow, or the head?” I paused for a moment and checked with my body, what I was feeling in the movement, and realised I had no clear answer for that, the only answer I could offer was, “It comes from where you come from, where we all originate, where everything begins, it initiates right there.” That’s the shift. From “doing” the movement, from “controlling” it’s pathway and shape, to receiving the motion, connecting deep beyond your physicality to where everything originates from — your body, your thoughts, your breath, your life.

Ready to train & move as we do?

During our training as dancers, we often yearned for an experience that went beyond the physicality of movement and having the “correct” shape. We were always searching for a holistic approach that nurtured our passion for movement and allowed us to truly express our individuality as human beings through our dance. When we found it, it redefined our dance, our bodies, our minds, and our lives, giving us a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in our art.

Through this training program with us, we’ll invite you to embrace a new paradigm both with your mind and your body. You will be able to tap into the energy of the dancer within you, through which movement becomes a portal for self-expression, personal growth and artistic liberation, reconnecting to the true essence of your craft and releasing the genius within; as we do here at 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐃.

The fundamentals

1. Movement Practice. Relax the body and open your mind so you are ready to receive the motion. We do this with releasing exercises and meditative movement pathways to relax your joints, body, and muscles, improve spine articulation, empower your centre, breathing into your lower belly and grounding through the legs. We also incorporate rhythm, bouncing, shaking, stamina, and play.

2. Improvisation. Learn the core of our technique. You’ll be heightening awareness of your physical body in movement, increasing your mobility and range of movement through an effortless and easy application of dance. Here you’ll listen and express yourself freely while also starting to move with some precision.

3. Repertoire. Train choreographic sections of our pieces. This section is extremely precise so will be difficult (but possible) for those without technical dance training. Together, we’ll be rehearsing  pathways from Julia & Rudi’s award-winning productions Torus, Sphera and ∞ {Infinite}, performed around the world including Festival Grec Barcelona, CINARS Canada, SIDance Seoul, Biennale di Venecia, Sadler’s Wells London, UK Dance Showcase, among others.

Is this for Me?

The Dancer’s Training Program is designed to take vocational and professional dancers, as well as movement practitioners, through the fundamentals of HUMANHOOD’s holistic movement practice and unique choreographic language. This is a dance program. But it’s also for anyone who is adept at using their physical body as part of their profession or daily practice. This is for yoga instructors, martial artists, acrobats, footballers, ballroom dancers, Tai Chi practitioners, and anyone who wants to break free from rigid movement patterns and discover true liberation in their own body.

The lessons are between 30min to 2h long and are delivered by Rudi and Julia as well as the company dancers, who will guide you progressively through the pillars of HUMANHOOD’s methodology and help you to explore the company’s improvisations and fully embody the repertoire including the award winning productions Torus, Sphera & ∞ {Infinite}.

You will have access to specific Q&A’s sessions with the company. This program is ideal for dancers who are interested in potentially joining the company, as it offers an in-depth introduction to the breadth of work of Julia and Rudi.

A lifetime training with us!

In this extensive training program with HUMANHOOD you will:
» Experience and embody our movement practice.
» Learn to surprise yourself every time you move and move from the inside > out.
» Discover the art of true listening and receive the movement as inspiration.
» Embody our repertoire with references of the choreography performed by the company on stage.
» Re-connect to your passion for movement and unlock a whole new level of performance.
» Start dancing through life on a “movement to movement basis” as you embody your newfound physical liberation in your everyday life.
» Silence the mind and connect to the absolute presence of your body through dance.

* Each session is unlocked after the previous is completed.
We recommend a minimum of 6-months to work through this, but you have access indefinitely after that!


What previous participants are saying about this program...

This practice is really healing for my body and my soul, I never felt like this before in my journey as a person and as a professional dancer and I really mean it! 😍 To be honest I need to write a book to express all the things that I feel and all the valuable information I gained from this program! Can’t wait for the next sessions and I don’t want to finish! 🙏🏼🤍
Maria Vathi
Professional Dancer, Spain
I am not a trained dancer, and decided to jump anyway because I love the philosophy of HUMANHOOD. I can say that the Dancers Training Program is such a transformative experience, it has help me deeply to liberate my body and dance in my energy. I became much more sensitive to energy, even though this was my work already before I started this program. I 💯 recommend it, even if you are not a trained dancer, but love movement.
Light Coach, Germany
The amount of attention, information and personal feedback that each one of us receives is on a next level. What Rudi said to me completely transformed the way I am thinking and feeling the movement. It’s honestly amazing 🤩!
Yoga Teacher, UK
Thank you so much for offering this extraordinary training program and sharing your energy and unique approach. It is truly liberating, challenging and healing ✨. Every week I am looking forward to our session... It feels like coming home.
Contemporary Dancer, Germany
Connecting weekly over the past few months has granted me time to slowly digest the deep nourishment the practice Rudi & Julia and the dancers of HUMANHOOD so generously offer. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to participate in the online format with dancers and movers from all over the world. The Humanhood approach is incredibly powerful.
Sarah Marten
New York, Professional Dancer
"It's given me the key I was looking for"
“I feel incredible”
“I was so moved and changed by this program”
“I feel incredible”
“An opportunity to let myself flow free”

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You have access immediately after purchasing the program, and for a full year.

We recommend at least 1 lesson a week. We invite you to prioritise consistency rather than intensity for the best results.

We recommend a space where you can stretch your arms to the sides and not touch anything… You will see that some of the dancers teach in a small space (their own rooms) and some others in a dance studio. This is to show you that you can move with integrity and commitment no matter where you are and how big or small is the space you are in.

Yes, there is a designated section in every lesson where you can share your questions and have them answer by the team or Julia and Rudi themselves.

Once you register to the program you have unlimited access to the material for a full year.

Yes you can, we previously had individuals who had no dance training background but were into movement, dance, yoga and meditation. The movement practice we share is suitable for everyone, however you will find some of the repertoire more challenging. We recommend you take the time to dive into these parts of the sessions (lasts 20-15min) so you can still develop coordination, brain function and rhythm at your own pace, and grasps the artistry of Julia and Rudi’s choreographic language. If the repertoire is not for you, there are plenty of sessions (most of them) that focus on the movement practice and improvisation which include: relaxation, movement flow, creativity, authenticity, grounding, liberation, breath and fluidity.

As you have immediate access to the content straight after you purchase any of our online programs we are unable to offer refunds for our online programs.

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