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∞ {Infinite}
60 min

∞ {Infinite} is Julia and Rudi’s first dance theatre meditation in which they guide the audience through a mystical journey. The outside world of the magical dance on stage will merge with your internal awareness. The premise is movement and consciousness, becoming aware of the infinite power that flows to and through us, giving life to all beings.

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Concept, direction and choreography
Julia Robert and Rudi Cole (HUMANHOOD)

Lighting Design
Tom Visser

Music Composition
Iain Armstrong

Music includes
Vocals from "Grandmother Tree & The Feathered Serpent" & "The Jasmani Garden" by Deya Dova and "Votiv" by Dorisburg

Costume Design

Julia Robert and Rudi Cole with select pieces from Lurdes Bergada and Syngman Cucala’s collection

Set Design
Julia Robert and Rudi Cole (HUMANHOOD)

Julia Robert, Rudi Cole, Tzu-Yi Tseng, Mai Yun-Chi, Peter Butler, Piers Sanders, Romee van de Meent, Soulyun Park, Teige Bisnought

Meditation guiding voice
Julia Robert

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