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UK audiences - BBC
8 min

INFINITY explores the mystical symbiosis that exists between the individual and the universal. It questions the reality we live in, as if it were perhaps a dream happening in the dreamer’s mind. The film opens with an image evoking a voyage through the macro-cosmos that lands us in the minds of the dancers, each of which holds a dream: their unique perspective on the same cosmic dance. Seemingly separate entities, sitting cross-legged in a line, they are all moving in organic unity in their minds. Apparent physical boundaries dissolve through the energetic movement they share. As we travel from the macro to the micro cosmos, we discover deeper layers of connection going all the way back to the fluid that moves like rivers through their bodies: their blood. Everything turns red. We are in the stream of life before the elementary stages of atoms, the particles through which the many become one, dissolving back into infinity.


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