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60 min

A return to the tribal, where rhythm takes over the performers and the viewer.

This piece is a journey that starts far out in the cosmos and implodes into planet Earth where a communal rhythm is shared and expressed by humans, merging HUMANHOOD’s energetic synergy and physical vocabulary into a tribal hurricane of effortless fluidity. Light, movement and sound are at the core of a show in which the perception of time is altered to recreate a world where rhythm becomes visual, sonic and kinaesthetic.

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Concept, Artistic Direction and Choreography
Julia Robert & Rudi Cole

Lighting Design
Tom Visser

Music Composition
Kamil Boguslawski and Kamil Ilcewicz (EIF)

Huang Zhiwei (Ten Drum Art Percussion Group) & Rudi Cole recorded at Ten Drum Cultural Centre, Taiwan

Julia Robert

Music Mastering
Alex Forster

Costume Design
Mark Howard

Set Design
Concept by HUMANHOOD, built by ARTEM

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