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60 min

If we started at point zero, how would we look at reality and experience life? Two individuals dive into a sea of energy, reconnecting with identity. Immerse yourself in HUMANHOOD’s hypnotic and powerful piece, Zero. A visually and sonically mesmerising performance of immersive sound, hypnotising lights and virtuosic movement where the two dancers entangle through a ritualistic journey. Experience a spiritual dance and get transported into a dream-like world of imagination and beauty.

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Artistic Direction, Choreography & Performance
Julia Robert & Rudi Cole (HUMANHOOD)

Music Composition & Sound Design
Iain Armstrong

Gyda Valtysdottir (cello and voice), Alex Forster, Xhosa Cole, Azizi Cole and Shahzad Ismaily (Re-worked with: Victory Groves, Ruth Angell, Francis Gallagher, Sarah Farmer)

Costume Design

Mark Howard

Lighting Design
Horne Horneman (reworked with Tom Visser)

Lou Cope

Rehearsal Director
Shanelle Clemenson

Physicist Collaborator
William Chaplin

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