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Autumn Training Intensive

Autumn Training Intensive
Autumn Training Intensive

Join HUMANHOOD in the studio for the Autumn Training Intensive from 30th October to 5th November.

During six full days, from 10:00 to 17:00, and with an additional special ending session at the beach on the morning of 5th November, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into HUMANHOOD’s methodology and choreographic style. This is a special opportunity to train in-person with co-Artistic Directors Julia Robert and Rudi Cole.

The Autumn Training Intensive is for professional & vocational dancers, as well as movement practitioners, who have a passion for HUMANHOOD’s approach to movement. Dancing to the original soundtracks, you will get to embody the extraordinary choreographic style of Julia and Rudi and experience what it is like to move like a HUMANHOOD dancer.

During this intense training you will explore the company’s movement vocabulary and learn full sections of the latest production ∞ {Infinite}. Not only will you receive in-depth insight into company dancers’ internal state of mind when performing the work, but you will also get an introduction to the “closed doors” energetic practices that Julia and Rudi share with the company dancers, which are part of the company’s unique holistic ethos.

The full intensive training is designed as a progressive experience where the level and information shared will intensify as we progress during the seven days. By the end, participants will share the full 10-20min of the selected repertoire they learned throughout the intensive.

For those attending the program, the embodiment in the studio will be supported through complimentary activities including the screening of our documentary “We, HUMANHOOD” and “Infinity”, as well as a city’s discovery guide specifically designed for the occasion by us!

Dates: 30th October – 5th November 2023
Times: 10:00-17:00
Location: IAB (Institute of the Arts Barcelona), Carrer Ramon de Dalmases 18, Sitges / Barcelona, Spain
Maximum participants: 20-21 people
Fee: 800 GBP

We will be connecting participants for group accommodation opportunities.


Online Training Program

A Movement Training Program to Liberate the Body and Expand your Dance Expression

This program is designed by HUMANHOOD’s Founders and Co-Artistic Directors Julia Robert & Rudi Cole to specifically support vocational/professional dancers and movement practitioners in becoming empowered and confident in both their body and creative expression. This intensive online experience is for professional, vocational dancers as well as movement practitioners and movement lovers who are looking to dive deeper into their dancing expression through the movement practices and philosophy of HUMANHOOD.

In the sessions, participants will be guided through both physical application and understanding of HUMANHOOD’s movement quality.

The 6 (bi-weekly) live sessions with Rudi you will learn the fundamentals of HUMANHOOD’s application to dance and movement as well as explorative sessions inspiring new ways to relate to your body and challenging the way you move through time and space.

The 12 pre-recorded videos with Humanhood Company dancers you will dive straight into HUMANHOOD’s Movement Practice, Improvisations & Repertoire of the company’s award winning productions including Torus, Sphera & ∞ {Infinite}.

This program is also ideal for those individuals who are looking to connect with their body in a deep and freeing way, as well as challenge themselves with rhythmic and fluid choreographic phrases while keeping an open state of mind and a relaxed body.

The Online Training Program offers a unique relationship between dance and energy within a holistic development to truly connect with your body and awaken the potential within your own physicality.

– ACESS TO THE CONTENT BEGINS 22nd October and will be available for full 6 months-  

*BONUS SESSION* with Julia (pre-recorded): Integrating all the learning and awakening the energy of the Body beyond the physical as well as applying and expanding the practices and sensitivity acquired during the program into your life.

Early Bird: £650
Standard Fee £800


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